Todd (September 2019)

“About” pages are awesome. And frustrating.

How do you sum up your life in a few lines? Inevitably, something gets left out… a casualty of brevity.

So, imperfect at best, here are a few things that make me, me:

  • I call Lutherville, Maryland home (think Baltimore).
  • I’m married to a woman named Brenda (think greatest lady possible).
  • I’m Daddy to two girls (think most beautiful kids ever).
  • I’m an identical twin (think the younger one…by 4 minutes).
  • I’m a follower of Jesus Christ (think an imperfect guy saved from what he actually deserves).
  • I’m a pastor (think coming alongside people).
  • I’m a runner (think a bunch of marathons, all excruciatingly glorious).
  • I work in radio/voiceover (think grew-up-with-a-transistor).
  • I like Star Trek (think “Next Generation”).
  • I have a few obsessive tendencies (think making sure the period goes outside the parenthesis).
  • I’m passionate about speaking life, demonstrating the power of love, giving hope, and focusing on the next step forward (think this blog).

Thanks for visiting.

– Todd

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