An Open Letter to Famous Younger People


It’s the same song, just with different verses.

One by one they hit life’s stage, play to mass appeal, then things shift.

Innocence once embraced succumbs to the siren call of relevance.  “Maybe this one’s different” becomes “here we go again.”  The latest, simply joins a long historical line.

The tired predictability of it all strains even the most compassionate heart.

Yet, believing that despite the appearance there exists a sliver of hope… an open letter.


Dear Famous Younger People,

I’m not sure what your day looks like, but just a few things to think about:

  • You don’t have to shock your way out of your childhood. 
  • Getting attention is no replacement for being respected.
  • You don’t have to evolve to be relevant in the ways that really matter. 
  • Fame and water cooler talk are poor substitutes for the private fulfillment everyone craves. 
  • Right and wrong are real. And either through joy or pain, we realize that both have consequences. 
  • Your kids are going to look for role models one day. Don’t make that a tough search for them.
  • Tony Bennett is 87 and still singing. And people love it.  There’s a reason for that. Find that reason.
  • Nothing can match family, genuine friendship, knowing God loves you, and living on purpose for a cause greater than oneself. Surround yourself with people whose lives reflect this.
  • And when you’re all alone, like who you’re with.

Today’s a new day. You’re worth more.



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