Social Media Amnesia


We sign on, and our brains short-circuit.

The constantly changing landscape of status updates, pictures of pets doing cute things, humans doing dumb things, and armchair political analysts, lures us down the rabbit hole, into a weird and addictive world filled with noise.

And in the middle of it all, we forget. We forget that the peek we’re getting is a Polaroid (for the younger set, think hard-copy-Instagram), a snapshot of a greater unobserved whole.

And, what we’re seeing isn’t all that real. At least not in the complete sense. Yet we’re drawn over and over again, multiple times a day, to the role of voyeur.

Couple this unreal reality with the very powerful human need for approval, and the result can have very significant consequences on our mood, our outlook, and our psyche.

So, before you check social media next time, be reminded of a few things that’ll help you keep a healthy perspective about it all :

  • It’s quite likely that the selfie you’re seeing wasn’t the first take. Or second.
  • Probably more important than what you post is what you don’t post.
  • The world doesn’t revolve around you. Others matter as much as you do.
  • Your friends don’t live on vacation. And unless they paid cash for everything, they might still be paying for that vacation this time next year.
  • All spouses disagree. And argue.
  • All kids misbehave.
  • Celebrities are probably no more happy than you are, and would probably trade places if they could. Fame and satisfaction aren’t synonyms. At all.
  • Weight, finances, and relationships are a concern for most.
  • If your home or dish doesn’t look like Pinterest, that’s OK.
  • It’s also OK to not know everything. The best friendships include mystery that’s discovered in actual conversation.
  • Life is typically a few moments of spectacular or difficult, surrounded by a bunch of normal.
  • The “like” indicator isn’t a value indicator. Your worth as a person isn’t determined democratically. You’re significance is based on your existence. Resist searching for an external answer to an internal fact that’s already settled.

Post away. Enjoy being connected. Just don’t forget.


“…but they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”

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