Things I Learned (or Re-Learned) in 2015


When I graduated college, classes stopped.

But lessons…they’re still being taught.

When someone’s talking to me, ears are more important than thought bubbles.

Person-to-person communication, where experiences and ideas are verbally shared in an open and safe environment, is one of the great joys of life.

Social media has a way of causing us to forget the previous sentence.

Though we never have the full picture, we can’t help but compare. And if not fought, comparison can breed insecurity. And insecurity is at the root of so much crazy stuff.

Faith and fear hold hands. If it’s certainty we’re looking for before we move, we’ll never do anything.

Progress rarely occurs apart from discomfort.

A good night’s sleep can’t be overrated.

“Feeling like it” is a good follower, but terrible leader. Action precedes motivation.

What’s happening inside of me is more important than what’s happening around me.

Sustained trumps quick.

Being a planner can easily disguise control issues. Plan well, faithfully prepare, but then relax.

One of the most important things needed is perspective. Good and bad times are going to happen. Neither will last forever.

I’ve never gone for a run and regretted it.

Burdens are meant to be shared, and helping share a burden is rarely, if ever, convenient. Do it anyway.

Girls want to know they’re loved, they matter, they’re beautiful, and they’re safe.

When staring at a casket, so much of the stuff we argue about, get hung up on, and go to the mat for, is really pretty silly.

The most significant relationships in life take a lot of hard work. They’re tremendously demanding and incomparably rewarding.

It’s never too late to get up and try again.

The most important step in life is the next step forward.

There are no perfect marriages, families, children or people. None.

God exists. And he really can do anything.


Happy New Year. Let’s keep learning.

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