Thursday Morning

Some coffee, a bit of quiet, and a whole lot of thinking.
The crew hasn’t roused yet, so it’s just me. A guy at a table staring at a laptop. Thinking. Ruminating. And writing about the process. Trusting it’ll referee the frequent bout between planner and worrier in my head.
Breakfast. Help with lunches. Pray a weary prayer over two tired girls. See them off.
Iron clothes. Shower. (remember shampoo at CVS) 
Backpack. Keys. Phone. Traffic app. Commute. (remember to get the oil changed)

Check the time. Mesh the gears. Keep the balls in the air.

But then also pull up.
And keep navigating what feels like, and is, one of those new chapters of life.

We walked her to Kindergarten yesterday. College is this Fall.
I adjusted her car seat yesterday. Now she’s the driver and adjusts mine.
I knew everything yesterday. Today, Alexa does.

I guess I’m realizing, again, that life is a lot less packaged than I’d prefer. There are many things you just have to experience rather than control. Planning is good. But never at the expense of living.
And although for us recovering control-freaks that’s a hard thing to admit, it’s also really important. A quality-of-life thing.

A lighter grip. (add that to my to-do list)

(stop adding parenthetical statements)

Get outside. Sit in the sun. Talk with friends. Talk to God.
Gonna try and fit them in sometime today. I invite you to, too.

I hear stirring from the other side of the house.
Life calls.

We’re gonna make it.

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