Together We Run On

To my wonderful friends who supported my Run On Challenge,

You know when you say something to someone you care about and realize your words actually fail to adequately express how much you care about them?I can relate. Especially in saying this to you… thank you.

Saturday was such an amazing day of running, support, kindness, and love. Truly. It was almost overwhelming for me. From the early morning travel to York, PA, to those first few steps, to all points along the way, it was an experience I’ll cherish forever. 

My personal goal was to run 41 total miles. I made it 30.37 miles, where after reaching a planned meet-up with my family, my body told me I simply couldn’t go on. My mind protested loudly because the internal drive was still there, but I realized again that sometimes the difficult decision and the right decision is the same thing. So while I’m disappointed to not be able to make the ultimate running goal, overwhelming that is my profound thanks and joy in the day itself and witnessing the humbling way that so many came alongside to support me and the National MS Society

Together we raised $6,427.76 to further the work of the NMSS. Again, thank you!! You all are simply amazing.

Five years ago yesterday I heard my MS diagnosis for the first time. I was weary, nervous, and yet surrounded by family and friends who helped me.

Today, sitting on this couch in my living room, I am weary (this time in a different way), thankful, and still surrounded by family and friends who are helping me.

And who I love dearly.You’re in that group of people. 

Again, though it fails to communicate it adequately, thank you.

Let’s Run On.


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