Even Greater Than Certainty


Not understanding is never easy, but it opens each of us up to the possibility that somewhere in the fog is an invisible purpose.

And isn’t the fog the neighborhood hope lives in?  Hope. It’s that persistent idea that one day we’ll discover what’s presently unknown.

But let’s be real. Sometimes both clarity and hope itself are deferred, and we still don’t see some things as clearly as we’d like. And that’s hard.

It’s at this point though that I think we have the chance to recognize fraternal twins growing up together.

Difficulty and deeper trust. Unanswered questions and developed character. Shadows and stronger faith.

Maybe the development of who we are is more important than the certainty we possess.

Maybe maturity in life includes realizing that if understanding never comes, that’s OK, because figuring it all out, while still high, is no longer at the top of the wish list.

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