Your Day Brighter podcast interview

I sat down recently with Tracey Tiernan on her podcast, Your Day Brighter, and had a conversation that touched on a bunch of things.

It was probably the most personal I’ve ever spoken about an illness I’d rather not have, the messy part of faith, what the whole Run On thing is about, and what I hope people remember about life.

The episode just dropped today. You can find it here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.I hope it can encourage you.…/keep-going…

A Month Out: 15 Reminders for Christians

Sure don’t have everything figured out. About politics or a lot of things. But a few thoughts for your consideration:

What we believe and how we represent it are inseparable. Passionate and compelling or passionate and ignored. It’s our choice.

Being a good Christian might mean being a bad Republican or bad Democrat.

God loves the people of America. And Zimbabwe. Equally.

Whoever wins, God put them there (see Bible).

All power is temporary.

What God’s doing in the world doesn’t hinge on November. He’s not that small.

There’s a big difference between vertical and horizontal. Pull up. Peace and perspective are neighbors.

Sarcasm at its root is pride. Labeling is easy and lazy. And choir preaching isn’t leading.

Secure people rarely shout.

The ends don’t justify the means. That’s called amorality. Excused character corrupts good policy, and leads to future irrelevance.

Learn to cheer with humility and concede with grace. You’ll have the chance to do both.

If you hate a Christian who votes differently than you, you really don’t love God (see Bible).

The amount of emotional energy we put into our respective exultation or disappointment with the election results gives a hint as to whether idolatry is in play.

God’s a lot of things. Surprised isn’t one of them.

This isn’t all there is.

No, really. This isn’t all there is.