Friday at 5:02

Sometimes I have to go to work really early or get home from work really late.

Both mean making as little noise as possible (I’m talking to you, front door). And changing in the dark (OK, Google, turn off the light).

And visits to a darkened bedroom to kiss a child.

Her bed used to be smaller. Much smaller. Rails and bumpers. That pink blanket.

And there’d she lay.

While the words of a tired prayer reached up, I’m pretty sure He heard. Not entirely sure she did. Maybe. Still still.

But then this morning. 5:02.

Two steps in. A sleepy eye, opened.

One-armed hug.


“Have a good day, Daddy.”

All is well.

Don’t. Blink.

Don’t. Blink.
Pumpkin seat. Driver’s seat.
Onesies. Selfies.
Teeth. Texts.
Tea parties. T-Mobile.
Crib. Dorm.
Sippy cups. Venti cups.
Bath time. FaceTime.
Playdates. Dates.
(hold on… gimme just a second)
Changing. Cheering.
Teaching. Trusting.
Authority. Advisor.
Held. Walking.
Love. Love.
Dads and Moms at every stage, we’re gonna make it.
They are too.
God’s got us.

A Little Parental Certainty

Courage. Patience. Balance. Discipline. Empathy. Consistency. Faith. Humility. Wisdom. Trust. And about a thousand other things.

Including the willingness to develop characteristics that don’t come easy and that you don’t naturally possess.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work.

So amidst the vortex of social media political rants, gossip, vacation pics, and click-bait, be encouraged today, moms and dads. We’re going to make it. And our kids are, too.

Mistakes? Yes. Issues? Certainly. Pull-your-hair-out moments? More coming.
But, we are going to make it.

(brief pause for child-induced skepticism to pass)

One more time.
We ARE going to make it.