My First Book – Launch Day


Paperback for $7.99 (USD) on Amazon

Kindle E-Book for $2.99 (USD) on Amazon

Audiobook for $3.95 (USD) on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes

Launching today, Tuesday, January 10, 2023, my first book:

“We’re Going To Make It: What Parents Need and Want To Know”

It’s been years in the making. About 22 to be more specific. That’s how long I’ve been a dad, and what a ride.

Throughout the twists and turns and mundane and unexpected of parenting, I’ve written some stuff about it. It’s how I process things.

And I’ve finally put a bunch of it together in hopes that it can inspire, encourage, and help other parents in the trenches.

It’s a short read but I feel confident it’ll help dads and moms.


– 7 Days of Affirmations to Give Your Child

– 19 Things To Do With Your Children That They’ll Never Forget

– 31 Reminders for Children

– 3 Letters I’ve Written to My Daughters (during puberty, about social media and screen time, and navigating college expense)

Pick up a copy. Or a bunch.

Share the news with a friend.

Leave a review on Amazon.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you for checking out the thoughts of an imperfect dad, navigating the greatest opportunity life has to offer.

And to my fellow dads and moms… we are going to make it.

The Second Weekend in May

Thinking about those struggling to have children. I’m guessing this weekend is hard. Please know you’re seen. We want to help, not hurt. Our words are often awkward and fall short, so we’re just gonna do our best to get in your corner and let you know we’re with you. Moms matter. You do, too.

Thinking about single parents. Handed situations you didn’t cause or could’ve imagined, and yet every day you put on your cape and pull a double. To each of you, the job you do speaks louder than you realize. Strength and joy. May God give you both this weekend.

Thinking about two-parent homes. Thanks for your commitment. The whole lovely mess. Care, chaos, frustration, fun, fights, routine, and compromise. All while not being exactly sure of what we’re doing. Let’s believe the proof’s in the long-haul. It’s worth it.

I think we know it, but it’s good to hear it again. Living isn’t Instagram. This whole life thing is rarely as perfect as we’d like it to be. Strike that. It’s never that way.

But real love, the kind that keeps trying, or carries the load, or walks on, that kind of love, goes farther and lasts longer than any imperfection.

Friday at 5:02

Sometimes I have to go to work really early or get home from work really late.

Both mean making as little noise as possible (I’m talking to you, front door). And changing in the dark (OK, Google, turn off the light).

And visits to a darkened bedroom to kiss a child.

Her bed used to be smaller. Much smaller. Rails and bumpers. That pink blanket.

And there’d she lay.

While the words of a tired prayer reached up, I’m pretty sure He heard. Not entirely sure she did. Maybe. Still still.

But then this morning. 5:02.

Two steps in. A sleepy eye, opened.

One-armed hug.


“Have a good day, Daddy.”

All is well.

Don’t. Blink.

Don’t. Blink.
Pumpkin seat. Driver’s seat.
Onesies. Selfies.
Teeth. Texts.
Tea parties. T-Mobile.
Crib. Dorm.
Sippy cups. Venti cups.
Bath time. FaceTime.
Playdates. Dates.
(hold on… gimme just a second)
Changing. Cheering.
Teaching. Trusting.
Authority. Advisor.
Held. Walking.
Love. Love.
Dads and Moms at every stage, we’re gonna make it.
They are too.
God’s got us.