We’ve Got This.

I don’t know what his name was. But what he said came at the perfect time.
Three miles from the Finish Line in Miami, three weeks ago.
His simple sentence: “You’ve got this.”
Even though I felt like the dirt on the bottom of my shoe at that point, he said he believed I could do it. So I did.
Thank you, kind Stranger-Man.

I’m pretty sure parenting is the most challenging, rewarding thing there is. I’ve written a lot about it over the years.
(Full Disclosure: my writing has actually been a way to process not exactly knowing what I was doing but what was happening as I’ve attempted being a Dad)
Some people have said it’s helped them.
So, if you’re a parent and you’d like to receive some stuff for a week that comes alongside you on the wild ride that is being a Dad or Mom, I’d like to help.
Here’s the deal:
Starting Tuesday, March 1, one email a day that contains some parenting stuff. Stuff I’ve written about. And lived. Nothing magical, just practical. Seven days of support for parents.
Interested? I hope so. You can let me know, here:
We’ve got this.

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