Letter To My Favorite Freshman

I love my daughters. More than I could possibly express.

I hate debt. More than I could possibly express.

So as Daughter #2 prepares for college this Fall, I wanted to share some stuff with her. Some grown-up stuff. Like paying for her collegiate dreams.

Think of it as a Dad who’s not got everything figured out, sharing a few of the things he’s got figured out. And if you’re a parent living in the same neighborhood, maybe it’ll give you a few things to help on the communication end.

(Sent this morning. Via text. A really long text.)

Long text alert.

GM, M. Wanted to pass along a note about something we’re starting today for you (we’ve also done this for A) for your college financial planning.
As you can imagine, it’s important to be saving funds for future college costs. In others words, putting money away now that won’t be actually spent until later when college bills are due.
To help you with this, starting today, each time I’m paid from my job (2x a month), I’m going to transfer to your bank account an amount of money with a note attached that it’s for “college financial planning”.
Like we asked A, we’re asking you to set these amounts aside (you can keep a simple record of it somewhere on your phone, in your journal, etc.) each time, so that they’re not used for other things.
This way, when it’s time to pay college bills, the money that’s been sent by us will be able to be combined with money that you’ve earned and saved yourself to be able to handle the college expenses.
What we send you isn’t going to be a huge amount each time, but it will add up if you’re careful with it. It’ll still require more money beyond what we send you to pay for college, but this will help. The key is us consistently sending it to you (and A), and you consistently setting it aside and saving it.
And I want to tell you what I’ve told A… we’re your teammates in helping finance college. We’ll do whatever we can do to help you financially pay for college, and I’m here to walk thru any of the process with you. There are no silly questions. Please ask and take advantage of our help as you want to. I promise not to get weird about it, but I want to help.
If you need to know how this will work out, please ask A. She’ll let you know how we’ve been working together to help.
I wish we could simply just write one big check to cover your college education. We obviously can’t. And it’s going to require sacrifice on all our parts. We’re committed to make that sacrifice in whatever way we can. I know you are, too.
This is a grown-up moment and paying for college is a grown-up thing to do. It’s OK to be a bit nervous about it. I still get nervous paying for adult expenses, and I’m old :-).
But I know you’re going to do a great job with this.
Remember, we’re in your corner. Always.
Thanks for letting me know you got this and that it makes sense.
And please ask any questions you may have.

The first transfer is happening now.

We love you so much, M.
We’re your biggest fans.
The school you choose is getting an all-star girl, student, and Christian.
We’re so proud of you.

1 thought on “Letter To My Favorite Freshman

  1. Todd,

    Your girls. My goodness. They are both so exceptional. And the love you so consistently express for and to them is part of what makes them so. I hope they realize – and I’m pretty sure they do – that they have a treasure in you.

    Godspeed to both of them – and to you and Brenda.


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