Down-Time Observations

Have throttled back a bit on social media. But a few recent observations, things I’m working on myself. Hope they can help.

– Dialogue takes more courage than commentary. Pay more attention to those doing the former.

– We’ve got the reacting thing down. Thinking, not so much.

– Bravado is easy. Communication isn’t.

– Secure people rarely shout.

– “That grenade you threw, helped me.” – No one.

– Credibility, proximity. They’re related. Abrasive, persuasive. They’re not.

– Earned irrelevance. It’s possible.

– Passionate, kind, strong, reasoned opinions, expressed in humble, intellectually honest, principled ways, toward those considered human beings more than enemies. Some might mock it, call it naive, label it foolish, or just ignore it. But some might try it. And change things. I invite you to be one of those.

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