Gutter Talk

Dirty Gutter

Dear Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Progressives, Mr. President, and members of Congress,

We’re not ignorant of history.
The national dialogue has long been divided. And fractured. And vitriolic. Trading privacy for a bullseye is a reality most of us can’t fully understand. You do.
But since you represent us, may we remind you:
Secure leaders, strong arguments, and credibility are never found in the gutter.
Character matters more than tactics.
Integrity for points is a bad trade.
The ends don’t justify the means.
Power fades. Reputations rarely do.
Words have meaning.
And how you say what you say reverberates. You can win the news cycle and damage the next generation.

People instinctively want to look up. Respectfully, stop making that so difficult.

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