Familiar Words From a Nervous Dad

Todd and Mikayla

I admit I’m kinda weird this way, but for a long time, on Tuesdays, I’ve prayed for the guys that my girls may one day marry.

Now, a big qualifier… my kids are still teenagers, and so they’re years (decades, says the Daddy) from any marriage consideration.

But if and when that time comes, those guys and I are already going to be acquainted with each another.
They’ll know about me because the girl they’re interested in, will have subconsciously measured a potential mate by the most influential male figure in her life. That likelihood makes me a whole bunch of things – excited, nervous, and desperately in need of divine help.

And I’ll know them because they’ve been the unnamed subject of more than a few conversations with a God I choose to believe exists.
Quite simply, I will have talked to Him, about him and her, before he talks to me, about her and him.

Now, it’s true. We can’t begin to know how exactly the future will unfold, but whether you’re married or not, or have children or not, if you pray, let’s include a few things that we already know will likely not be answered for a long time.

Doing so will help us to trust a bit more, stretch our faith, think long-term, and when it comes to really big things, remind us of the beauty of familiar requests.

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