31 Reminders for Girls

If she’s old enough to have a phone, maybe it’s a daily text.
If she’s younger, maybe it’s said on the way to the bus stop.
If she’s a little one, maybe the words are simplified and it’s whispered to her at bed time.
Whenever and however, maybe this can help us all, but dads especially (including the author), to speak life to her.

31 Reminders for Girls

1. You matter simply because you exist.
2. Your opinion is important and needed.
3. Famous doesn’t equal happy.
4. Something difficult teaches lessons that something easy doesn’t.
5. Do-overs don’t expire. Try again.
6. Your heart is beautiful.
7. Your mind is fascinating.
8. What people see is lovely.
9. Size, shape, and weight don’t determine your value.
10. What he thinks of you doesn’t determine your worth.
11. What she thinks of you doesn’t define your identity.
12. What God thinks of you trumps everything.
13. You were on God’s mind before you were born.
14. It doesn’t take much effort to be the same. Unique is cool.
15. Nobody’s got it all figured out. Nobody.
16. Preserve some mystery about yourself. That’s confidence.
17. No, not everyone is doing it. Be kind, humble, brave and different.
18. Pursue a life that’s bigger than your happiness.
19. Sacrifice isn’t always understood. Do it anyway.
20. That girl that’s by herself? Sit by her.
21. Time equals caring.
22. Extreme anything typically means a lot of insecurity. Remember that when you hear and see things.
23. A few things today will still be important 20 years from now. I’ll help you know what those are, then lean into those things.
24. Words are good. Actions are better.
25. It definitely has feelings. It can cause us to do some funny things. And it’s positively wonderful. But don’t ever forget that love is ultimately a choice.
26. Go to bed with a clear conscience.
27. Both harsh and positive words can live a really long time. Choose very wisely.
28. “Together” is one of the greatest words in the English language. Find out why.
29. Love God. Love people. You’ll be amazed at where that takes you.
30. I’m proud of you.
31. I’ll never, under any circumstances, for any reason, as long as I live, ever stop loving you. Case closed. X out. End of story.

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