Please. Stop it.

About this time each year I feel compelled to offer the same brief advice, specifically to my fellow Christians.

So, here goes again:

Is 2020 a year or decade? Fact and feeling have been duking it out in my mind.

But the calendar doesn’t lie. Christmas. Two months from yesterday. Decorations, traditions, family… it’s life-giving. And amidst the chaos of Covid, even more so.

So as the holiday gears begin to move… to anyone who’s tempted to pound the “War on Christmas” drum this year…

Please. Stop it.

Are there some who wish to secularize to the extreme? Yeah, probably.

Are there others who would be happy to see “Jesus” permanently disappear? I’m sure you can find some.

But Christmas isn’t going anywhere.

Call me naive, but I think a faith that’s been around two thousand years is gonna make it. There’s something about the blood of martyrs that makes annual American protests, boycotts, or what’s said or not, seem, well, ridiculously small.

The season is silly enough with politics. Please. Just don’t go there.

This annual demonstration of historical myopia ironically does the exact opposite of its intention, focusing attention on an offended few, rather than on the centerpiece of the holiday itself.

Concern is ok. But earned irrelevance isn’t.

Join me in choosing to celebrate what’s right about the season.

A child arrived, and things changed.

Like history. And lives. And everything.

Let’s pull up this year. The view’s way better.

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