News That Tastes Good

It made me smile. And happy. And when 2020 has our noses and the water line duking it out, happy is good.

Strawberry medicine.

That’s what children are getting soon in Africa.

Here’s why that’s big. 80,000 children die each year of HIV-related illnesses, often through their mother’s milk, from moms who don’t know they’re infected.

And little ones are exceptionally hard to treat because a key medicine, Dolutegravir, tastes awful. And kids don’t like awful.

But I found out this morning, it’ll soon taste like fruit. And dissolve in water or juice or a syrup for newborns.

And soon the 80% of infected kids who would likely not reach five, will.

So if you’re like me and the drip of the everyday has you about tapped out, be encouraged. There’s some good news.Especially for little ones.

And it takes like strawberries.

Take that 2020.

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