Half-Way Home

We’ve nearly reached the middle.

How’s it going?

Better than 2020? Hope so.

But, what if you’ve messed up? What if you’ve done stuff you didn’t want to do? Or didn’t do stuff you wanted to?

Listen real good:

Even if you’re mad at yourself, get up.
Even if you feel stupid, get up.
Even if you did something dumb that got you to where you are, get up.
Even if it’s the same song, different verse, get up.
Even if it seems like you’ll never get it right, get up.
Even if you’re incredibly insecure about it all, get up.
Even if your bravado hides the truth of the previous sentence, get up.
Even if you’ve lost track of how many times you’ve tried again, get up.
Figure out why you’re where you are, what you did wrong, what needs to change, and then get up.
Selfish people stay. Humbled people move forward.
Get up.

Don’t stay down. I know. Not everything’s right. But God’s not left.

A second chance is available. Again.

Today. Get up.

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