Straight Ahead

I almost walked past it.
But couldn’t.
Only two other things frustrate me more. And I can’t remember what they are.
I had to fix it.

It’s a reminder about having faith.
Not in-your-face religion. Not lobbing truth grenades then cheering. Not false hope.
Simply, faith. And at its foundation, trust.
“Trust in the Lord, with all your heart, don’t lean to what you can understand…”
That’s what it says.

But it’s gotten bumped.
It’s uneven. Skewed. Tilted. Trust.
I’m not sure what caused it. Maybe life?
But it’s still there. And can be adjusted, now. And probably later.

If you possess it, be encouraged.
Correcting the crooked is allowed.
Lessening the lean is OK.
Trust is a process.
And fixed faith is still faith.

Let’s hang in there.

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