Seven Years In

Today. Each year.

I don’t celebrate it because that’d be weird, but I do remember.

An April morning, now, seven years ago.

5th Floor, Hopkins. Neurology. Talking to a man I had never met to hear about a diagnosis I had never expected.

Dr. Levy. Multiple Sclerosis.

While there’s still a lot I don’t know, here’s what I’m sure of:

Family is everything.

Thank you, girls. When the glass is half full (most days) or empty (sometimes), you’re there. The foundation that’s above everything.

Friends are priceless.

If you have people who journey with you, stay close to those people. Presence. Presents. Same thing.

God is real and good.

And there are things about who he is that can only be grasped when preferences aren’t met. When trust is a decision. When the Why and the What war.

Is it easy? No. But trials aren’t pointless. Something greater is at play because Someone bigger is in charge.

He’s not mean. He’s not detached. He’s good.

Risk that being true.

Seven years in, questions and all, I’ve found that’s a risk worth taking.

We’re going to make it. All of us.

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