A Prayer at the Turn


Dear God,
It’s that time. Those days that signal the unofficial start of a new season. Sorta feels like a reset button. And I think a lot of us need it.

It just seems like a different time, and for many, different is good. So, thank you for the variety. For those of us who give you the credit for being the giver of all good things, the days ahead have your fingerprints all over them. Please know we recognize this and are grateful for it.

As we make our way through the next few days, we also have some requests. We’re mentioning these things to you because ultimately, our ability to make them happen is pretty limited. We’ve tried before on our own with some of this, and well, we realize that we need some outside help. So, would you help us?

In the days ahead, lift up weary arms. Even if it’s just a few extra minutes, please give tired bodies, rest.

For those holding on through really tough stuff, please strengthen grips and encourage hearts.

Where there’s conflict in families and groups, let someone risk being a peacemaker, and then please reward that decision.

Help us all to give more, take less, forgive more quickly and even if it’s hard, treat others with a respect that matches our own preference.

For those traveling, please bring them home safely.

Heal what divides us. Amidst very important real differences, even if it’s in a small way, please let common things be recognized. And embraced.

Put us in situations with people different than ourselves. And may we walk away a little wiser and a whole lot more compassionate.
Help us realize the difference between an enemy and a friend is a decision. Give us the courage to make that decision.

And over the next few days, help us better understand the idea that life isn’t just about us. That our life becomes infinitely more interesting when others are given increased priority. Please take our “mine” and move it closer to “ours”.

Finally, please help us intentionally pause and think about those in the past who made possible the present. They didn’t have to do live in such a way that benefits us. But they did.
Kind of reminds us of you.

Thank you, God.

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