The Magic Word for Day 1


Here’s the magic word for the New Year. Ready?


Ok, forget the magic part. There’s no such thing. But remember the word. Evergreen.

In fact, go ahead, say it out loud right now. “Evergreen.”

I’ll wait.

Really. Out loud. “Evergreen.”

Here’s why a weird word is important on Day 1 this year.

(Spoiler alert: Every day is Day 1)

There’s a concept in radio broadcasting of certain content being “evergreen.”

The idea is simple. Evergreen ads or programs or shows can be played any time. They hold their value and have credibility because they’re not tied to something that comes and goes. If a talk show host goes on vacation in the middle of the summer, an evergreen episode might be played – one that fits any time of the calendar year, specifically because it doesn’t reference a particular time of the calendar year. You won’t hear Christmas references in July or a discussion of the State of the Union in October.

Quite simply, something evergreen lasts. Its significance isn’t seasonal. Its relevance doesn’t change. Its value is, well, just is.

Here’s the application.

Aim high this year, but first, pick a target. One that doesn’t move.

Figure out what’s evergreen in your life. The stuff that’s going to matter most 52 weeks from now.

In case you need a few suggestions:

Your family. Your friendships. Your health. Your faith. Their value remains. Their importance stands. Their leaves don’t fade.

Set goals. Then go big after them. But skew the most energy toward improving stuff that’s gonna matter just as much in ’21.

And a side note about something related…

I triple-dog-dare you this year to think, speak and post more stuff that’s evergreen.

Less politics. Less reaction. Less button-pushing. Less point-proving. Stop wrestling the wind.

More hope. More encouragement. More good.

More evergreen.

Ready? Let’s do it.

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