A Prayer While We Wash Our Hands

So, God, it’s us.
The whole world.
Thinking about the same thing at the same time.
We gotta admit, this is a unity we didn’t see coming.

Amidst our infectious anxiety, we’re gonna risk a prayer.

Here’s the deal.
We’re kinda messed up.
Strike that.
We are messed up.
What we’re hearing is beating up our understanding.
Our calm is getting a workout.

Relax or run away?
Risky hugs or smart elbows?
Back to business or finish the bunker?
We’re not exactly sure.
Our uneasiness is creeping up.
And, as you probably know, uncertainty tends to freak us out.

So, while we do the few things we can control,
help us with what we can’t.

Help the front line.
Those who examine and diagnose and treat and transport,
enhance their skill and sharpen their assessments.
Give strength to weary minds and endurance to tired bodies.
Help the healers.

Help the decision-makers.
Those whose choices affect many,
may clarity and wisdom be both used and communicated.
May those impacted realize some sense of contentment in the alternatives.
Break up inconvenience and anger.
Increased flexibility hurts. But get us there.
Help some peace be found in Plan B.

Help those infected.
Those most vulnerable, spare them.
Our parents and grandparents,
those whose systems have to fight hard already,
our children,
please protect them.
Those in the midst, may the symptoms diminish, the cause be arrested, and the recovery be quicker than expected.
As precautions are embraced, may the risk lose its grip.
Help those suffering and recovering and avoiding.

And help us.
All of us.
As we pray and believe, help us prepare and do.
Just help us think. Clearly.
Faith and works.
We need them both.
May we be neither naive nor hysterical.
Give us good judgment. And insight to trust the trustworthy.
The virus and panic, may we spread neither.
Good habits and some hope. Help us multiply that.

Thoughts and prayers. You’ve heard that before, right?
And doing.
We need it all.

We read somewhere in a book you inspired that clean hands and pure hearts are good things.
We’re working on the hands.
Help us with the heart part.


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