I honestly don’t know how else to say it.

Please. Let’s be kind. Please.

While the country cleaves, so many fight.

By themselves. Struggles no one sees.

Their nose and the waterline, duking it out.

Tomorrow, repeat.

Meanwhile, we argue. We post. Our side cheers. We win.

And perspective is lost.

About real things. Hearts behind the smiles. Thoughts when the front door closes. Worries when sleep flees. Those things.

Our neighbors need to know there’s hope. That they’re loved. People need to believe they’re going to make it.

Please. Let’s be kind. Please.

Less clever. More caring.

Less gotcha. More grace.

Less shouting. More talking. With. Not to.

The hard truth is in moments like this we have to fight blindness. Having no idea that we have no idea. Of the real battles raging.

They’re out there. Tired, weary hearts, struggling to hang on.

Please. Let’s be kind. Please.

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