Things to Ask God For On Inauguration Day

The twentieth day of the first month is unique for a specific nation every four years. People are watching.

And God’s listening.

A Humble Heart
God, grant us the strength to humble ourselves. To realize that all power emanates from You. To see our abilities, our fortunes, and our potential, all with the same origin – your goodness and grace.
Big Leaders
God, grant our nation leaders who realize their need for your help. And leaders who will ask for that help. May the power they hold be held lightly. May the decisions they make be made carefully. May what they say, unify. May real attempts be made to bridge, not inflame. Bless the presentation of leadership. And its reception.
A Vertical View
God, grant us the willingness and ability to lift up. To see more than just the moment. To remember that you set up and you take down. That our nation is one of many. That you love us. And us is borderless. May we acknowledge our history, and our place in it. May we understand power that’s beyond a system, principle that’s beyond a party, and perspective far greater than the present.
God, as we seek your direction, help us to wisely and with conviction, follow you. Please calm our fears. Diminish our anxieties. Forgive our sins. And in your presence may we experience a fullness of joy, again.

God, on this day, and every day that follows, lead on.

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