How To Communicate With Someone Who Doesn’t Think Like Me

A 21st-century Primer:

Decide intentionally.
Listen honestly.
Disagree passionately.
Argue necessarily.
Forgive quickly.
Persuade respectfully.
Celebrate privately.
Love constantly.
All… simultaneously.

Echo chambers are loud, lonely places.
Speeches are easy. Dialogue is hard.
But there are things to learn and stories to hear if we’ll stretch.
Risk it.
Step out.
If you don’t get it quite right, try again. And again.
Just try.

A Little Parental Certainty

Courage. Patience. Balance. Discipline. Empathy. Consistency. Faith. Humility. Wisdom. Trust. And about a thousand other things.

Including the willingness to develop characteristics that don’t come easy and that you don’t naturally possess.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work.

So amidst the vortex of social media political rants, gossip, vacation pics, and click-bait, be encouraged today, moms and dads. We’re going to make it. And our kids are, too.

Mistakes? Yes. Issues? Certainly. Pull-your-hair-out moments? More coming.
But, we are going to make it.

(brief pause for child-induced skepticism to pass)

One more time.
We ARE going to make it.